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IP in The Start-Up Nation

  • Patents in High-Tech

    Patent attorneys enjoy a unique vantage point from which to measure a country's technological progress. With early exposure to new technologies before they reach market, the work of Israeli patent attorneys is full of challenges unique to the Start-Up Nation where innovation continues to flourish despite economic and political challenges. Israel has witnessed local tech companies sell to mega brands at astronomical prices due in no small part to the value of the intellectual property on the negotiating table. In the dynamic, fast-paced high-tech eco-system, staking a claim to proprietary technology can be the difference between a successful exit or a missed opportunity.

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  • Patent Law in Israel

    Israel has been steadily improving the quality of its IP regime in recent years, and the development of this crucial field directly impacts patent attorneys and inventors alike. A turning point came in 2009 when Israel became an International Search Authority (ISA), a catalyst which lead to the streamlining of operations at the Jerusalem-based patent office and a new chapter in Israel's relationship to intellectual property. Increased staff, the hedging of various aspects of bureaucracy, and other amendments have placed the country on the path to compliance with international standards despite the lingering challenges.

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  • Trademark Law in Israel

    Israeli Trademark Law encompasses symbols, letters, digits, words, characters, devices, and even sounds - all of which can serve as crucial elements in the foundation of a solid brand identity. Like trademarks found anywhere on the globe, trademarks in Israel comprise a vital marketing asset, protect the reputation of brands, fight off forgery and impersonation, and contribute to a consistent brand identity. As a member state in the Madrid System, registering an international trademark in Israel has been revolutionized since the country's accession in 2010 making trademark registration in Israel a natural part of a strong brand portfolio.

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  • Industrial Design

    After decades of stagnation, Industrial Design protection in Israel is on the precipice of a new era with a proposed set of laws introduced in August, 2015. While the law has yet to pass through final readings, the promise of change is already felt amongst patent attorneys and the design community - a new age where features of modern design including fonts, screensavers, and more receive proper design registration alongside packaging, lighting, jewelry, electronics, household items, and logos.

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  • Bio-Tech Patents

    Israel is uniquely positioned for success in the bio-tech field with a triumvirate of factors converging to create a prolific and profitable bio-tech industry. Industry activity centers on Jerusalem where a strong network of hospitals, colleges and universities, and advanced centers of research converge. Together, these elements place Israel at the forefront of bio-tech and bio-medicine despite the time-intensive and uniquely expensive nature of R&D. Bio-tech continues to be one of Israel's strongest innovate fields, complimented by the wealth of human capital with a special expertise in this field.

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